Dienstag, 28. Februar 2006


mittlerwile bi ich scho nach melborune witergreist. vo alice springs us ha ich bi ich mit em beriehmte ghan nach adelaide gfahre. die ganzi sach isch raecht rumplig gsi und im verglich mit schwizer zueg eher e gmietlichs faehrtli als e rasanti fahrt gsi :o) es isch aber idruecklich gsi, so eewigs eifach durs "nuet" z'fahre. s'beschte isch allerdings d'duschi gsi, wos an board gha het und wo ich natuerlich ha miesse usprobiere (drunter isch es eim denn aber nit so anderscht vorcho wie inere ganz gwoehliche duschi ;o))

in adelaide bi ich raechtzittig fuer d'eroeffnig vom fringe festival acho - allerdings nur durch zuefall ;o) aber es isch no ganz e lessige obe worde (mitere seeehr spassige parade, sehsch es denn, wenn ich d'foteli ufelad :o))

denn isch es witer gange mit em overland nach melbourne. und do bi ich jetzt sit e paar tag. es git raecht viel nochezschlofe (vo daene lange zugtripps und em usgang :o)) und no viel mehr azluege do :o) isch e haerzigs staedtli :o)


time goes by and i'm already arrived in melbourne. to travel from alice springs to adelaide i took the famous ghan. there was a lot of rumbling and compared to a swiss train it was more a unhurried trip :o) but it was really amazing to see the real outback :o) the best thing though was the onboard shower :o) of course i had to try it, but disapointingly it felt like a normal shower ;o)

in adelaide was the fringe festival going on, so there was nothing with catching up some sleep. the parade was rather strange (you'll see it as soon as the pictures are uploaded), but the evening was nevertheless cool :o)

the next day i took the overland to melbourne - and that's where i am at the moment :o) i'm trying to catch up my beauty-sleep and to visit all the interesting things here - i kind of like melbourne ;o)

Dienstag, 14. Februar 2006

e hai und e geischter-backpackers

d'uebersetzig chunnt gli :o)


diving on the great barrier reef was great - although it was raining almost the whole day. it was quite funny, when we were diving about 3 meters deep, one could hear the raindrops landing on the surface of the water :o)
we saw plenty of fish and i touched a sea cucumber *iiik* ;o) but best of all was the shark we saw - it was about 1.5 meters long and sleeping (or whatever - at least it was not moving). i even took a picture of it, but as it was not my camera i have to hope that paul will send me the picture as promised :o)
since the fast (and expensive) boat was already booked out, i had to take the slow (and cheap :o)) boat - it went to the same spots but was always the slowest (which means we had to start as one of the first boats in the morning and came back as one of the last... :o)) but it was really good fun and i would recommend it to everyone on a thight budget :o)

yesterday and today i went to kuranda - a small, but sweet village in the middle of the rainforest. since lonley planet recommended to stay over night (to see the village without heaps of tourists) i booked a night in the only hostel. when i came there, i was wandering around the hostel for several minutes to find some kind of reception and a guy who gave me sheets and key. the dorm was even more scary - it was a huge room with plenty of very old bunk beds and all of them empty...
the best thing though was the village without tourists: it was just dead... ;o)) so i did was the only other guest of the hostel did and went to bed with the sun... ;o)))
with tourists the village was like a jungfraujoch in australia: huge groups of japanese tourists were taking pictures from every corner ;o))
but all in all it was a nice change and since i visited the butterfly sanctuary this morning i learned some interessting facts about these animals :o)

Samstag, 11. Februar 2006


unglaublich, wie d'zit rast... wenn ich mol e paar tag nit am internet gsi bi, vergiss ich ganz, dass ich jo wieder mol oebbis in mi blog choennt schribe :o/ aber jetzt gits wieder news :o)

die letschti wuche bi ich uf magnetic island gsi und ha doete mini open water diving certification gmacht - isch cool gsi und mir haen sogar e paar fisch und qualle gseh :o)

morn gang ich denn aendlich mit em boot ufs great barrier reef use und so richtig go tauche - freu mi scho meeega :o)

ah jo, fuer alli wos nonig wuesse: am 10. maerz bi ich denn wieder in dr'schwiz :o) lueget, dass es bis denn wieder chli waermer wird, suscht bechum ich jo grad e schock! ;o)


it's incredible, time is just running by... a few days without internet and i totally forget to write my blog :o/ but now there are some news for you :o)

last week i spent on magnetic island and did my open water diving certification - it was really cool, we even saw some fish and - a bit scarry - also jellyfish :o)

tomorrow i'm finally going to dive properly: we're going out to the barrier reef - looking really forward to it :o)

oh, and if you don't know it yet: i will leave australia on the 6th of march and will be in switzerland on the 10th of march (after spending a few days in tokyo :o)) - prepare your tissues ;o))

Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2006

fraser island

die letschte paar taeg bi ich uf fraser island gsi - es isch eifach fantastisch gsi :o) drei tag ueber die drittgroeschti sandinsle vo australie duese und unterwaegs campe :o)
the last few days i was on fraser island - it was just awesome :o) three days of driving on the thrid biggest sandisland of australia und camping over night :o)

mir sin e mega lessigi, internationali gruppe gsi: 3 kanadier, 2 amerikanerinne, 2 schwedinne, 1 israeli und ich.
we were a cool, international group: 3 canadians, 2 americans, 2 swedish girls, 1 israeli and me.

huet nomi gohts denn witer mit abentuer: 3 tag segle um d'whitsundays *freufreu* (und zum mehr schribe bi ich jetzt z'fuul ;o))
this afternoon i'm going sailing at the whitsundays *bigsmile* (and to write anything else i'm too lazy ;o))

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