Mittwoch, 3. Dezember 2008

anonymous note at our office

would you trust this insurance company?

since i moved to my new apartment i thought i'd probably have to adjust my household insurance. i didn't have a clue how to proceed so i filled in my insurer's online form. they asked me how i would like to be contacted - "by email" i said. 
one day later i got this email: "unfortunately we don't have your phone number please call your contact person on xxxxxxxxx" - wow great. thanks for the email...

so i called. the first lady told me that i don't have a household insurance. according to her i was paying for some health insurance. right... why did it say household insurance on my policy then? rather confusing... in the end we agreed on the household insurance and i had to talk to my contact person. this guy then asked me whether a change in my policy was necessary... well, that was exactly what i wanted to know from him. whatever, in the end we had a plan what's to do :) and because they were very helpful and fast in processing stuff in the past i'm going to stick with them :)

my sister and me in zermatt :)

Mein Mai 2021

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