Samstag, 31. Mai 2008

whooohoooo - i made it :D

now i'm really really done with uni! :) last wednesday i had my diploma ceremony and finally got that paper telling that i'm a master of science in informatics with concentration in information systems (hey, it's the uni of zurich, so don't expect them to have a decent translation ;)))

enjoy the pics :)

Dienstag, 20. Mai 2008

restaurants in zurich

i was looking for a nice restaurant in zurich to have dinner after my diploma ceremony. so i asked my friends to recommend me their favorite restaurants. and since i got so many good recommendations i thought i could share them with you :)

Restaurant L'Entrecôte - they only serve entrecôte :)
Coco Grill & Bar - looks really cute
Restaurant Rosaly's - a zurich classic
Blue Monkey - good food & great location (rosenhof)
Restaurant Die Waid - a stunning view over the city
Restaurant Terroir - everything you eat and drink there is swiss origin
Restaurant Acqua - nice view of the lake
Restaurant Kahn - fine indian food
Restaurant Seerose - again a nice view of the lake (if the website doesn't work properly: keep trying, it suddenly does ;))

in the end i chose the blue monkey and reserved a table in the rosenhof :)

Freitag, 16. Mai 2008

my jogmap

a little while ago i found this really cool website where you can keep track about your running. you can mesure out the distance of your route, write down your time and pulse and get some nice statistics in the end. even more convenient, you can keep track of how much kilometres your shoes already run, so you know when to replace it (usually after about 2000 km :)) of course that's also how far i run, and from today on, you can follow it in my blog :) (see the little graphic on the right side below my profile)

Dienstag, 13. Mai 2008

don't even think about it!

i gave red bull cola a try - and it was a reeaaalllllyyyy bad idea...
i mean, it's cool that's all natural and i also like vanilla, lime, cinnamon, ginger, lemon, orange and almost all of the other stuff that's in there. but it just tastes pukey :(

Mein Mai 2021

Gesehen Die neue Lewa-Savanne im Zoo Zürich. Wie Elmer Citro hergestellt wird. Das Kloster von Einsiedeln .  Gelernt Wenn man einen Camper...