Montag, 7. Dezember 2009

heute im 5er gesehen...

aufgeklebt auf ein werbeplakat:

Ohne Worte (meinerseits).

zürich, letzten donnerstag

kann mir einer nochmal sagen, wieso zürich neben den vieeeelen romantischen, kitschigen, traditionellen, wunderschönen weihnachtsbeleuchtungen nicht auch eine moderne, coole haben darf?

Donnerstag, 26. November 2009

"ich meld mich dann nochmal, wenn ich ihn zusammensetzen kann"

ich hab letztes wochenende endlich meine schlafzimmereinrichtung (in schwarzbraun - oder war's braunschwarz? jedenfalls in ikeas farbe der saison) gekauft, bin her und hin und her gefahren (ja, das bett wollte ich wirklich in schwarzbraun/braunschwarz und nicht in birke, also birke wieder hin und dann das dunkle wieder her) und hab schliesslich auch alles zusammengebaut.

den alten schrank, das bett und den arbeitsplatz hatte ich dann im internet ausgeschrieben, so dass sich ein armer student gratis eine neue einrichtung holen kann... hat zumindest für den schrank wunderbar geklappt:
hallo tanja,
wuerde den schrak heute, do, gerne zwischen 8 - 19 uhr abholen.
bitte melde dich umegehend bei mir [mobilenummer]
bin student der uzh.
lg [name]

da kam dann der nette student, holt sich den schrank ab und lässt sich dabei widerwillig von mir helfen. wo die ganzen bretter dann in seinem fahrzeug sind - und er sich bestimmt schon drei mal versichert hatte, dass da wirklich alles dabei wäre und man den schrank bestimmt auch wieder aufstellen kann - sagen wir tschüss und ich will wieder rein. da meint er: "ich meld mich dann nochmal, wenn ich ihn zusammensetzen kann"
ich: äh?... "und wenn nicht? dann meldest du dich nicht? oder dann bekomme ich einen anschiss?"
er: "äh nein, dann melde ich mich wohl auch nochmal"

Sonntag, 1. November 2009

breakfast with air france

during online-check-in i realized that my flight confirmation for the flight from zurich to paris said "on board service: breakfast" and the connecting from paris to dublin "on board service: snack" therefore i decided not to have breakfast so i wouldn't ruin my appetite.

sitting in my seat this morning the chef de cabine told us the flight duration would be one hour. i started asking myself how this would fit with my breakfast. as it turned out there was nothing to worry because breakfast consisted of "coffee or tea?" and un très petit pain de chocolat (lucky me, i didn't stick to my resolution and already ate a yoghurt at home ;))

next shock: my luggage had to go through paris charles de gaulle - all the stories of lost luggage came back to my mind. which at least distracted me of thinking what the "snack" might be - peanuts maybe?

mysteriously i wasn't hungry at all when i landed in paris, so i didn't bother to buy food... boarding the new plane, there was enough to catch my attention: i was sitting under the wing - which was quite cool, cause you still had the view (unfortunately didn't see anything of paris)
and the flight attendant - matt damon's elder brother - called me "mademoiselle" :D the snack in the end was better bigger than i expected: a whole half of a salami-sandwich (with sponge-bread)

Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2009

Siiiiiiiii, si sind da nööd richtig

Szene: Im Hallebad, Bahne 1 & 2 sin reserviert für Kürs, Bahn 3 isch d'Tempo-Bahn und Bahn 4 isch normal. Ich hüpf also brav uf d'Bahn 4 und leg los. Plötzlich planscht vor mir e älteri Dame uf em Rugge ume. Während ich sie am überhole bi, packt sie mi am Arm. Ich lueg uf und denn
sie: "Siiiiiiiii, si sind da nööd richtig"
Ich: "Äh... wieso nit?"
Sie: "Will äh..." sie luegt sich ume "ja siii sin so schnäll uf mi zuecho"
Ich: wtf? "äh, ich bi am schwümme?!..."
Sie isch denn e chli sprochlos gsi, aber immerhin het sie mi denn lo witerschwümme :)

Mittwoch, 2. September 2009

hören sie musik? (are you listening to music?)

"...and i see no bravery..." - me waiting for a friend, ipod in my ears. then this elderly man coming up, moving his mouth, forming words.
me thinking he must be asking for directions or something, removing my earphones "wie bitte? (pardon me?)"
him "hören sie musik? (are you listening to music?)"
me wtf?? "äh, jo (err, yes)"
him "kennen sie dire straits (do you know dire straits?)"
me asking myself what is going on here "jo (yes)"
him "die ... (they ...)"
me "oh das isch mini kollegin, ich muess wäg (oh, there's my friend, gotta go)" - gone.

(and yes, she was there)

Sonntag, 9. August 2009

singapore i'm coming :)

after hearing "oh i'm actually on holiday next week..." for weeks it's finally my turn! :)

on boarding the plane in zurich i already saw the thunderstorm coming and was looking forward to an interesting flight. the taking off went smoothly but soon afterwards the first lightnings were showing up right next to the plane. the litte girl in the row before me announced: "mom, i think the pilot is driving very well". this was followed by several very high-pitched screems from the back of the plane. an air pocket made us feeling like being on a rollercoaster...
the rest of the flight was quite unspectacular - i could hardly finish watching the film (the bucket list) before i fell asleep and was only woken up for breakfast, about six hours later :)

in singapore i took the taxi to get to my sister's place. the driver was very talkative and i learned some interesting facts about singapore, e.g. that whenever a public holiday falls on a saturday or sunday they just move the work-free day to the monday - nice :) and the ceremony for national day is only accessible to a fraction of all the citizens (tickets get raffled) but there are huge fireworks for everyone. looking forward to seeing it :)

Sonntag, 2. August 2009

Dienstag, 21. April 2009

today's highlight

this awesome picture from digital artist michaelo

made me think of how the heck i got into one of the least creative jobs existing...

Montag, 6. April 2009

green firework

inspired by that firework i alleged that green must be the cheapest firework available (just because in _every_ picutre there was a green firework in)

thinking it over, the question sounded kind of interesting to me and so i started to research... google wasn't a very good help, but then i found this website called and tried to find out more from these guys... in the end i learned that blue is one of the hardest colours to produce (cause it's critical to have the right mix of metal) and green is one of the colours that's easiest to produce.
the price, however, doesn't really depend on the colour. what costs most is the whole production of the firework, whereas the metal for the colour is just a fraction of the whole price.

i guess i have to be more carefull with my allegations in future... :)

Donnerstag, 26. März 2009

crazy lazy

i know, i've been crazy lazy with my blog lately. it's just too much happening in my life - but not much of borader interest...

anyways, next weekend (in fact tonight :)) i'm going to grindelwald for the weekend. if i'm in a picture-taking-mood i'll show you some picutres afterwards :) (this is kind of a promise that it will get better with my laziness ;))

Mein Mai 2021

Gesehen Die neue Lewa-Savanne im Zoo Zürich. Wie Elmer Citro hergestellt wird. Das Kloster von Einsiedeln .  Gelernt Wenn man einen Camper...