Mittwoch, 2. September 2009

hören sie musik? (are you listening to music?)

"...and i see no bravery..." - me waiting for a friend, ipod in my ears. then this elderly man coming up, moving his mouth, forming words.
me thinking he must be asking for directions or something, removing my earphones "wie bitte? (pardon me?)"
him "hören sie musik? (are you listening to music?)"
me wtf?? "äh, jo (err, yes)"
him "kennen sie dire straits (do you know dire straits?)"
me asking myself what is going on here "jo (yes)"
him "die ... (they ...)"
me "oh das isch mini kollegin, ich muess wäg (oh, there's my friend, gotta go)" - gone.

(and yes, she was there)

Mein Mai 2021

Gesehen Die neue Lewa-Savanne im Zoo Zürich. Wie Elmer Citro hergestellt wird. Das Kloster von Einsiedeln .  Gelernt Wenn man einen Camper...