Dienstag, 21. April 2009

today's highlight

this awesome picture from digital artist michaelo

made me think of how the heck i got into one of the least creative jobs existing...

Montag, 6. April 2009

green firework

inspired by that firework i alleged that green must be the cheapest firework available (just because in _every_ picutre there was a green firework in)

thinking it over, the question sounded kind of interesting to me and so i started to research... google wasn't a very good help, but then i found this website called www.feuerwerk.net and tried to find out more from these guys... in the end i learned that blue is one of the hardest colours to produce (cause it's critical to have the right mix of metal) and green is one of the colours that's easiest to produce.
the price, however, doesn't really depend on the colour. what costs most is the whole production of the firework, whereas the metal for the colour is just a fraction of the whole price.

i guess i have to be more carefull with my allegations in future... :)

Mein Mai 2021

Gesehen Die neue Lewa-Savanne im Zoo Zürich. Wie Elmer Citro hergestellt wird. Das Kloster von Einsiedeln .  Gelernt Wenn man einen Camper...