Donnerstag, 3. Juli 2008

i guess i sometimes leave quite an impression...

this is what happened: today after work i went to look at another flat. there were also some other people there - nothing unusual. but then this one guy starts talking to me

guy: didn't you study economics at the university of zurich?
me: err... yes?
guy: right... i thought i remember you...
me: (shit, am i supposed to know him?) well... (maybe he participated in one of my tutorials?) i guess it was easier to remember faces for you guys, since there were less girls than guys...
guy: actually it was around 50%
me: *imaginary_blush*
guy: you did start 2002 too, didn't you?
me: yes (it feels like i've never seen him before...) but actually i studied business information systems
guy: oh that's why... i thought i only saw you the first two years...

considering that around 700 people started economics/business information systems in 2002 his memory must be really good :D

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